I have been trying to figure out what I need to talk about during this coronavirus pandemic. It was difficult to find something to talk about because I’ve worked remotely for a while and zoom and Skype, Slack, and Asana became normal parts of my work life so that didn’t really change much for me.

There are a lot of people talking about the same things about coronavirus, but I tried looking at the situation from a different standpoint. As a designer and in general, I think a lot about feelings and mood and how that creates an entirely new environment in a person’s mind and helps tell a story when expressed visually. I love connecting with my client’s imagination and vision even when it challenges me on execution. When restaurants and malls and sports arenas are closed and events have to be canceled because of social distance issues, what do people miss the most when all people can do is imagine and remember during this time?

They miss the experience.

On a more intimate level, the experience becomes more important. I watched the news on TV as a woman introduced her baby through a window outside to her older father in the nursing home. Video calls for ceremonies, like funerals and graduation and church services, serve a practical purpose. However, the lack of having the participation in the traditions and the isolation of distance nearly defeats the purpose of the event.

The distance minimizes the impact of the experience when we cant engage all of our senses and have a first person experience. The value of the experience goes up.

Even in quarantine we are still able to buy the products and services, but how do your website, branding and marketing campaigns to together to create the experience you want customers to have when they think about the product before and after receiving it?

This is something that all breakthrough business owners should consider right now so that they make the right decisions going forward.

Here are a few questions to think about:

What is the experience like in your business for customers?
How does your culture contribute to the experience of your brand?
How could your marketing campaigns talk more about the experience?

I’d love to hear from you genius business captains and discuss.