Kellogg’s Center for Innovation

The opening of Kellogg’s Center for Innovation in 2019 was one of the biggest projects and most important of the decade. The new facility contains a kitchen space for culinary concepting and experimenting, as the future of the culinary world opens up to new opportunities, and I had the honor of designing the logo from start to finish. 

The brand needed a timeless logo that was accurate to their already established brand by using their colors and the relatively new shape of the wheat Bloom that was being used internally. This bloom would eventually become the shape that links together the different departments of Kellogg. 


The Problem

Kellogg’s has been around for years, and the household name had reached a point where they realized future-thinking was needed. It’s always scary to enter a new phase and trust new people. They wanted something that reflected the sophistication of their brand but also aligned with their future vision.

The Solution

The logo mark would have a minimalistic design in a recognizable shape combined with a modern sans serif font to bring a contemporary and timeless appeal to their new innovation facility.

By using this bloom shape I was able to manipulate it into a clever logo mark that spoke to Kellogg’s vision for the center. Essentially, I chopped the shape in half diagonally, and created the ends of the shapes so that a sense of never ending motion and transformation of process would represent Kellogg’s constantly striving for new and innovative products and ideas. I also felt it was important to make a reference to the cutting-edge culinary aspect of the facility by using two shapes with edges like knives that create a window to the future. 

The sans serif Hurme Geometric Sans Bold compliments the minimalistic style of the logo mark to create a modern feel, with an emphasis on the word “innovation,” whose characters with a wider kerning allude to the essence of innovation – having space to explore.

This logo has then since been used on signage, t-shirts, business cards, and confidential presentation templates that I’ve created for various departments in the company.


Kellogg’s Global Chemistry

The Problem

Kellogg’s Global Chemistry has been a big part of the company’s product development for years, but they lacked an identity for themselves and all of their materials such as PowerPoint templates were outdated in their look and feel. Now was the perfect opportunity to deliver a fresh brand identity as they ride with Kellogg’s into the future.

The Solution

By creating a logo with a modern and minimalistic approach aligned with the Kellogg’s brand, they could increase their brand recognition across the internal sphere of the company and would have a brand identity of their own to support their deparment externally.