MSA Alumni Association 

The Problem

As a young alumni association, whose alumni were scattered across the US, alumni were not engaged or involved at the level needed to give the association a deeper purpose and support the school. Donations were few, and people generally had a lack of interest in the association all together. Meanwhile, the school was experiencing budget cuts.

The Solution

By creating new branding that promoted the association as its own separate entity from the school, this would feel more intimate to the alumni audience. Creating an overseeing a digital newsletter was important to keep the organization legitimate and alumni involved. The newsletter was used to generate opportunities for alumni to share their work in a high quality magazine style. 

The Result

MSAAA increased its participation online and at events and its contacts. During all the changes, the young association also became a non profit, and was able to raise money because the fundraisers were more successful than ever due to increased participation. Not only that but MSAAA was able to generate excitement to create their own scholarship.