Illustration is a great way to add a bit of character to your ad campaigns, marketing materials, or books. With my wide variety of styles, I can tailor any illustration to suit your brand.

Digital Painting is the most expensive of the styles, but really adds an epic element with the amount of depth and variation of color achieved. This of the time this detailed style is used for books or book covers, but it can also be used for ad campaigns with a larger budget.

Vector illustration is what I recommend for most ad campaigns. It’s flat look has a modern appeal to it, and its stylized appearance makes the message quicker to grasp for the audience. Infographics also use this style frequently.

Traditional Illustration is usually used in combination with digital media, but the illustration itself is all done by hand. Depending on what you need, the price of this style can vary. For example the book “The Unbridled Woods” spend most of their budget for the digitally colored illustrations on the front and back, but black and white chapter illustration sketches were a nice way to reduce the cost and still add character.