Featured Work

“Lauren has a keen ability to interview her clients and bring their conceptual ideas to life in visual format. She is highly skilled at taking sometimes obscure references and asking just the right questions to bring them to life.

Lauren created templates that were significantly aligned to the Kellogg global branding in a seamless portfolio of visual collateral for the Innovation Center. This work permitted several staff members to become very effective in public speaking, allowing them room to express complex ideas in visual form that were compelling to a wide audience including marketing executives, research & development teams, and Kellogg customers. Lauren created presentation templates, logos, and video collateral that has been well received and still in use today.”



“Lauren is an extremely proficient, deadline-driven, creative, and collaborative graphic designer and product marketer. Lauren is able to take ambiguous direction and transform it into meaningful and effective design…I’d recommend Lauren to anyone.”



“Lauren has been my go-to designer for almost 10 years. Her work is always fresh and clean. She stays up to date with the latest design trends and I can count on her to deliver high-quality work on time.”



“Lauren, you’v e done a tremendous job on our work — the logo is powerful, the tshirt, the report design, business cards, and the Spear Infographic are DOPE!!!! Ok, over the past week, I have shared the reports with a few dozen folks; the concept and content are brilliant, but EVERYONE loved the design. Great work.”


The Growth Warrior

Meet Lauren

In 2010, Lauren Butler graduated from Mississippi State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts with an emphasis in Graphic Design. In 2011, she moved to the Portland Area in Oregon, where she continues to pursue her love of art and design.

Having ten years of experience as a Graphic Designer, Lauren has worked in diverse range of environments from corporate towers to small businesses, with teams and independently, in-house and remotely. Lauren is committed to expressing brand authenticity through successful design that functions in alignment with its purpose to create a unique experience that customers recognize and trust. She believes having an inspired, creative perspective is an invaluable asset to every business and project, and loves to help businesses discover their visual identity through results-driven graphic design and engaging illustrations.