Coronavirus is affecting businesses across the nation, but the show must go on. But what if the disruption of Coronavirus was actually an opportunity for businesses?

One of the great things about working remotely as an independent graphic designer of 10 years is that I get to save my clients money, and I have the freedom to be my own boss doing everything from time management, to project organization, to actually producing and delivering the work that I LOVE doing. And when most companies already have teams, the soft skills of a remote worker like me, such as cooperation and communication still apply.

After working remotely for large corporations like Kellogg’s or small business run by entrepreneurs, the idea of hiring a remote graphic designer is the same: you want to hire someone who is already set up for remote work, has experience helping other teams like yours, and talent in their profession.

In a time that tests your company’s flexibility, hiring remote assistance can become essential there are so many tools to help you navigate remotely, as the workforce has been shifting into this trend with freelance platforms, video call apps, and cloud computing, working and hiring remotely is easier than ever. Plus, there are great benefits for your company that are long-term and short-term when you hire remotely.


1. The Talent Pool Widens

It seems exciting that the world has opened its internet hands to reveal all the potential design talent on countless online platforms like Upwork among others, but as someone who has hired contractors before, it can be really overwhelming to find the right person with the right discipline, especially in the creative field.

However, I’m here to help you with that step. My amazing clients and company managers love working with me, because they know they will get what they need to add value to their company in the form of high quality design.

“Lauren is an extremely proficient, deadline-driven, creative, and collaborative graphic designer and product marketer. Lauren is able to take ambiguous direction and transform it into meaningful and effective design…I’d recommend Lauren to anyone.” – Alex Biale, SlideShop

Hiring creative people who you’ve never met before can be a tricky thing. The ideal goal here is not only to find a skilled worker for a job, but to find a professional creative partner who you can trust to do more work for you in later times. There are tons of talented people out there, but talent isn’t the only thing that matters when hiring remotely. In fact the word “talent” becomes an even broader concept that encompasses dependability along with other soft skills packaged together with high quality production.

As a bonus, you can support your local economy by having more access to remote workers who might be working right under your nose.


2. Increased Innovation

When we get stuck in a cycle of routine, we miss golden opportunities to advance the innovation in our companies. Some of these opportunities are easy to miss but others are hidden unless you have the right professional to reveal those areas for you. Sometimes companies need an outside perspective from a creative professional, and this is where a remote worker can really add value to your company after forming a strong relationship with them.

The value of having an on-demand creative partner doesn’t just stop at the labor or the talent. When you have a relationship with an outside reliable source of creative help, you have someone who can give you a fresh perspective on your company’s needs, you have someone who can advise you about certain creative decisions and directions, or see a way to improve a process.


3. Less overhead costs 

Does that hard working employee need a raise? Could your business use a better printer? Got bills you need to catch up on? Well, you’re in luck. The less amount of energy spent in your office, the more savings you’ll end up with.


4.Easy Substitution

When you have a team that is crunching to get work completed on time, it’s a bad time for an employee to get sick or go on vacation. But it happens. Don’t leave your team scrambling, instead, turn to an experienced remote worker who can easily cover for that worker as a substitute so your team doesn’t get overwhelmed and projects are kept on track and you can keep your clients or your boss happy.


5. Raises Team Morale

Morale has a huge effect on productivity, and that doesn’t always mean bringing in cookies or having company meals. Being a millennial myself I know that we as a generation enjoy freedom, but when it comes to work, it’s really about the joy of being trusted.

Many managers equate freedom with carelessness or irresponsibility, and growing up in the mobile shift, my generation is the exact opposite when it comes to remote working. Independent designers like me are driven to meet demands to keep our freedom to work from home, so when you allow your workers to work remotely, you are demonstrating trust to your professional team of Michael Jordans.

So get ahead and step into the future of the workforce now during this remote workforce shift. Check out my portfolio at, and email me at if you get good vibes or have any questions. I’d love to understand your company’s needs and be a part of the solution as your on-demand graphic designer!