Sail your Business into 2020 with Design Power

Add a creative partnership to your Marketing Strategy this year.


ou’ve worked hard to build your business, and have developed a premium product or service for your customers. Now you feel called to embark on a new quest or find that piece of the map that’s missing from your marketing or your overall growth strategy.

You may feel uncertain or have reached a point of stagnation in unfamiliar waters; however, there is an internal compass, a wind in your sails, that’s guiding you here because you know that beyond the horizon lies even more value that you need to provide for your customers in order to grow and innovate your brand.

With creative help, you don’t just want to turn to anyone. You want someone with the right experience who respects your product, sees your vision and is dedicated to results. It’s an overwhelming task to find the right creative professional to add to your crew, but I’m here to deliver that piece of the map to you.

Having a long term visual strategy with a trusted creative partner will help your brand stay relevant, stand out from your competition, and gain new customers. Together, we will focus on bringing Premium Quality to yet another important facet of your unique business – its Creative Vision – wherever your message reaches customers.

That’s why for the entire month of January I am offering a 15% off my six month design retainer, where I work with you to figure out your goals and the services that you’ll need on a monthly basis.

Not only that, but I’m also offering 10% off my Branding Essentials package, which is perfect for those of you who are just beginning their journey or are looking to refresh your message in your brand identity.

There’s no better way to start off 2020 than with the confidence in the power of savings!

15% Off

6 Month Design Retainer

Extended Access to a Trusted Designer

Creative Power to Catalyze your Growth

Results-Focused Insights

Are you looking to grow but need more than just a couple of one-off services? Having month-to-month access to a creative partner will become a powerful asset to your team.

10% Off

Branding Essentials Package

Improve your brand identity to gain the trust and recognition of your customers.

Promote your business with brand-centric marketing materials that drive sales.

Reflect the quality of your company's services.

Whether you are starting from scratch or looking for brand renewal that aligns with your vision and mission, discover everything your need in one bundle. This package will help you get started on your journey with everything you will need at a discounted price.

Reap the Benefits of having a Designer on your Crew

While most designers on web platforms are looking for their next gig, you are here because you are looking to hire a partner who is willing to work alongside your crew. When you have a future- focused outlook on your business, you will stumble upon future-focused help. By trusting this, you will end up saving yourself a lot of time and energy.


Improve your brand identity to gain the trust and recognition of your customers.


Promote your business with brand-centric marketing materials that drive sales.


Grow your company with creative direction and insight.

“Lauren has been my go-to designer for almost 10 years. Her work is always fresh and clean. She stays up to date with the latest design trends and I can count on her to deliver high-quality work on time. I highly recommend her for any design project you have.”

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Hear it from them…

“[The presentation] was very well received, beautifully visual, and interactive. Lots of great feedback. Thanks again for all your help, Lauren. I look forward to working with you again in the future.”

Mark Graham


“Lauren is an extremely proficient, deadline-driven, creative, and collaborative graphic designer and product marketer. Lauren is able to take ambiguous direction and transform it into meaningful and effective design…I’d recommend Lauren to anyone.”

Alex Biale


“Lauren, you’ve done a tremendous job on our work — the logo is powerful, the tshirt, the report design, business cards, and the Spear Infographic are DOPE!!!! Ok, over the past week, I have shared the reports with a few dozen folks; the concept and content are brilliant, but EVERYONE loved the design. Great work.”

Promise Phelon

The Growth Warrior

Hi, I’m Lauren

With multiple awards and eight years of experience as a Graphic Designer, Lauren has worked in diverse range of environments from corporate towers to small businesses, with teams and independently, in-house and remotely. Lauren is dedicated to her craft and has served a variety of industries as a contractor for years. She is committed to expressing brand authenticity through successful design that functions in alignment with its purpose to create a unique experience throughout all brand collateral.

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