Property Max


Property Max is a real estate company that takes care of clients in urgent need to sell their homes by buying them. They were in need of rebranding that would attract their ideal customers by reflecting the experience that a customer would have with them by using their service.

There is so much responsibility as a home owner, and the process can be quite overwhelming, and usually, home owners that need to sell their home quickly are already in a stressful situation. By using this one idea that focused on the negative, I thought about how this process as an organized checklist to view it in a positive way. This informed the decision to incorporate in implied check mark shape with the simplified shape of a house and tied in the logo mark with the typeface by slightly slicing it at the “M.” The blue color was chosen to reflect the energy of the business but also as a calming color that represented trust, as Property Max guides its customers through the process of selling their homes.Generally, their customers were older in age, so I wanted to make the logo simple and bold.

I also created a website design with typefaces that were slightly larger than normal to accommodate the target audience, and a bright blue call to action at the top corner to simplify the process.