New Food Studio

New Food Studio is a food blog that contains a variety of experimental recipes with ranging levels of difficulties and advanced cooking techniques. At New Food Studio serving homemade recipes is sharing love. It’s not just about the food, but also the experience. That’s why came up with some unique concepts to include in the blog posts, such as images with hotspots that show where the user can buy the items – from ingredients to utensils – in the photo. The website also features a subscription form so users can subscribe to get updates about new posts.

With the client doing his own photography with his iphone, the images were decent in terms of composition but struggled with lighting and color to really bring out the sensory experience through the computer screen. Website photography can either make or break your site, especially with a more image-heavy site. As part of my blog posting services, I am able to adjust the photographs to better serve the quality of the product and alignment with the brand.