About Odyssey Graphix

Design Philosophy

Good branding identity and design serves many purposes visually, but one of its greatest purposes is in the form of customer service. Being a recognizable high quality experience that customers remember, builds trust with your customers and speaks to the quality of your products.

Branding isn’t about putting yourself in a box or trying to measure up to another brand; it’s about expressing the foundation of what your company is about. My approach to design is that by focusing on your company’s unique aspects, you will naturally set yourself apart from competition through design in each piece of marketing collateral.

Meet Lauren

In 2010, Lauren Butler graduated from Mississippi State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts with an emphasis in Graphic Design. In 2011, she moved to the Portland Area in Oregon, where she continues to pursue her love of art and design, and started Odyssey Graphix in 2018.

Graphic Design is how the marketing magic happens! Having ten years of experience as a Graphic Designer, Lauren has worked in diverse range of environments from corporate towers to small businesses, with teams and independently, in-house and remotely. Lauren is committed to expressing brand authenticity through successful design that functions in alignment with its purpose to create a unique experience throughout all brand collateral.

Let’s work Together

If you are interested in how I can help your business, contact me and I’ll respond as soon as I can.

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