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“Very well received, beautifully visual, and interactive. Lots of great feedback. Thanks again for all your help, Lauren.  I look forward to working with you again in the future.”



“Lauren is an extremely proficient, deadline-driven, creative, and collaborative graphic designer and product marketer. Lauren is able to take ambiguous direction and transform it into meaningful and effective design…I’d recommend Lauren to anyone.”



“Lauren, you’ve done a tremendous job on our work — the logo is powerful, the tshirt, the report design, business cards, and the Spear Infographic are DOPE!!!! Ok, over the past week, I have shared the reports with a few dozen folks; the concept and content are brilliant, but EVERYONE loved the design. Great work.”


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New Adventures

New Adventures

After living in Clackamas/ Happy Valley, OR for over seven years, I realized that I wasn't as connected with the community as I wanted or needed to be in order to thrive. But now I'm super excited to announce that Odyssey Graphix is now a part of the North Clackamas...

The Freedom of Limitations

The Freedom of Limitations

The law of conservation of energy states that energy cannot be created nor destroyed, only transformed. As creative individuals and humans in general, we have an inherent need to create from of our limitations. Limitations contain both a problem and solution....

5 Reasons Why Your Branding Matters

5 Reasons Why Your Branding Matters

There is a reason why companies spend thousands of dollars on their branding, and it’s not just about looking pretty. Branding that’s worth anything, is an investment in one of the fundamental aspects of your business. I urge business owners to stop thinking about...