Kellogg’s Global Chemistry


 The Global Chemistry department at Kellogg was needing some help rebranding. Obviously, Kellogg is a household name with years and years of brand recognition. I was glad to help the Global Chemistry department come up with a logo that would honor the quality of work that they do. Of course, with every client, there’s always a certain amount of thorough research that I have to do as a part of my process before I get to brainstorming ideas, especially when I’m dealing with an industry that I’m not familiar with. But I honestly love this phase!

After doing some research on food chemistry and food scientists, I really understood the gravity of what they did and how much of an impact they have on the final product even though they work with things microscopic scale. So I wanted to incorporate the square shape of an element from the periodic table with the corporate bloom shape in a way that completed the shape to emphasize the importance of the Global Chemistry department.

I also created a powerpoint template which was functional as a template and had an updated look that reflected the quality of their work.

The Problem

Kellogg’s Global Chemistry has been a big part of the company’s product development for years, but they lacked an identity for themselves and all of their materials such as PowerPoint templates were outdated in their look and feel. Now was the perfect opportunity to deliver a fresh brand identity as they ride with Kellogg’s into the future.

The Solution

By creating a logo with a modern and minimalistic approach aligned with the Kellogg’s brand, they could increase their brand recognition across the internal sphere of the company and would have a brand identity of their own to support their deparment externally.