Atlas Financial Services 

Atlas Financial Services needed an overhaul in their branding. As a collections agency, blood red probably wasn’t the best color to have for their logo. However, their values were really important to them and they kept them in a pyramid on the wall of their office. As part of their rebranding direction, I wanted to choose colors that spoke to trust and calmness. I liked the idea of using their triangular shape and how their values were represented on their wall like building blocks in a pyramid. This concept merged nicely with the idea of attitude and longitude lines to refer to reference from the name “Atlas.”

This new branding would be a part of their new website that promoted their services, gave them the ability to make online appointments, and helped potential customers understand of who they are and how the company helps them. 

The Problem

Atlas needed to attract more business with a refreshed brand identity that was more in line with their values. The relationship aspect was very important, but the main blood red color was not the best choice for this platform.

The Solution

By using a variety of blues in their logo combined with the shapes within the pyramid, Atlas would feel approachable and trustworthy in the eyes of potential customers.